Digital Oasis is a Hong Kong-based company specializing in designing and manufacturing innovative electronic gadgets.


Founded by a team of experienced designers & engineers, Digital Oasis interprests new creative trends in electronic products focusing a new way of how humans and machine interact ( User Interface ). Using Interactive Voice Response System, our products will transcribe and transform your speech into format useful for applications as well as learning and fine tune your preference for personalized recommendations.

We focus not only on cosmetic designs but also emphasise on technical solutions

to advance our living quality. Our technologies know-how include:


Patented Sound System

Our patented Resonance Sound System, capable to produce a high fidelity sound effect in high- mid- and low-range sound levels within an ultra-thin space. This innovative system integrates furniture and home decor products to combine art & audio into an audiovisual delight sense.


Interactive Voice Response System

Our Speech Recognition and Voice Input Method could apply to different home and personal electronic products. This innovative user interface will greatly improve the application scenarios of all electronic products to form a new trend of user experience.


Voice Service Engine

Applying Machine Learning System, our Voice Service Engine will learn and fine tune your interactions to understand and recommend you the best preference which even you have not yet signaled.

Each and every product from Digital Oasis has been produced in such a way that artistic spirit, refined creativity and craftsmanship are blended exquisitely.

Our design philosophy is characterized on:

•   Creativity in simple design

•   Refinement in materials

•   Innovation in technology

We are well prepared to embrace the challenge to the thrilling industry to design the future of Home Décor and Personal Gadgets.


Welcome to join our

Stephen Lam Founder & CEO Product Creator

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