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Voice AI to Make Your Life Easier and Smarter
A wearable voice AI specially designed to improve work & study efficiency, enhance communication skills and assist your daily living.

Product Functions

One device included all voice AI functions for work & study, travel & play.

Voice Assistant
Lets you ask questions and control your smart home devices
Voice Translation
Multi-language translation through auto-recognition
Voice Writing
Translates your speech and converts it into on-screen text. Compatible with all OS
Wired to Wireless
Turns any wired 3.5mm headset into a wireless one

Voice Assistant

VoiceMojo is a portable PUSH-to-TALK Voice Assistant device, links up to all voice service platforms including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Apple Siri. It recognizes the natural  language, provides a direct interaction with the voice AI technology. You can ask questions, request services and control your smart home devices.   VoiceMojo uses the Automatic Speech Recognition ( ASR ), Natural Language Understanding ( NLU ), and Text-to-Speech ( TTS ) processes to handle complex voice commands. Carrying VoiceMojo, you will have unprecedented control to manage everything around you, let VoiceMojo transforms your speech into reality.

Voice Translation

VoiceMojo can auto-recognize your original language and can translate it into more than 32 others languages*. It takes less than one second to deliver the translation with 97% accuracy. It allows you to communicate face-to-face with anyone at just one tap of a button. A device for all modern age travelers for the purpose of business or pleasure.   * more languages will be continuously added.   Currently available languages covered most of the countries where you may travel to.

Voice Writing

Simply tap & hold to speak, VoiceMojo will instantly convert your speech into an on-screen text format and automatically type it out into any connected devices such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. Your ideas and messages will never be lost with VoiceMojo.   Not only converts your speech into an on-screen text, the built-in dual-mode voice processor will also instantly translate your natural language into other languages, as per your selection, before type it out. The memo of your meeting with any foreigners will be ready in your selected language well presented on your computer as soon as the meeting ends.

Wired to Wireless

VoiceMojo is a compact device with a 3.5mm audio jack for your wired headphones or earbuds.  It turns any wired headset into a wireless one. Simply plug them in, connect VoiceMojo to your device, and live life wirelessly.  

Product Features

Compact & fit for travel, multi-functions operated by one simple button.


 Easily slides into your pocket, purse, or bag. Clip on your clothing or put it  around your neck for even more freedom.

Ergonomic button for efficient single hand operation

The simple one-button is specially designed for single hand operation (OneTap Operation). All functions are performed by just one action - "Tap to command & release for action" - allowing an easy & quick response.

Dual Microphones

The signals from the two microphones are used, in conjunction with the built-in digital signal processing software, to cancel background noise while the user is speaking into the microphones.

Experience big sound from a small device

 This ideal for everyday carry lets you listen to your beats anywhere and  everywhere. You can access your entire music library as well as internet radio  stations to enjoy music on the go.

Omnidirectional Sound Pick Up

Built-in an omnidirectional microphone capturing a 360-degree sound pick-up, ideal for the recording of multiple sound sources such as meetings, and a unidirectional microphone optimized for voice recognition results.

Speech Workflow Algorithm

Our speech workflow software uses voice AI algorithms to organize and probe the workflow of dictation files and result documents. This helps the translation system capture the conversation and identify the different languages to translate correctly.

Light Weight with Extended Battery Life

The high-capacity Li-ion battery can be easily charged through a standard micro USB jack. Weight only 37 grams with built-in smart detection switches automatically into standby mode when the device is idle, ensuring VoiceMojo will always be ready to work when you are.

Product View

Product Specifications

Product Dimension


Bluetooth Version


Translation Languages

Compatible OS


Charging Time

Talk Time

Play Time

Standby Time

78 x 25 x 11mm

37 grams

v4.2 + EDR

Up to 10 meters


iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X

Rechargeable Lithium battery 200mAH

1 hrs.

5 hrs.

7 hrs.

up to 200 hrs.

* More languages will be continuously added.

Product Design under Patent Pending

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